BHPA Post Club Pilot (CP) Paragliding Development Clinic – Morocco

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All Paragliding Courses include:

  • Moroccan Airport Transfers
  • 7 Nights Half-Board
  • Own en-Suite Room
  • 6 Days Flying Potential
  • Professional Instruction & Training
  • Transport to Launch Sites




7 Night Course in Morocco

2024 Dates: 16th March | 23rd March | 30th March | 20th April | 09th November | 23rd November | 30th November

2025 Dates: 11th January | 15th March | 5th April

Suitability: Current CP. Newly qualified or low airtime/rusty pilots

Tuition: 6 Days

Board: Own Room, En-Suite

Location: Nid d’Aigle Hotel, Tamellalt, Tiznit, Morocco




Becoming a Club Pilot is just the beginning of a thrilling journey into the skies. While the initial steps as an independent pilot are undoubtedly exhilarating, there’s a wealth of knowledge yet to be explored for a well-rounded and enjoyable progression. That’s precisely why I’ve developed personalized Post CP Progression Clinics, designed to enhance your skills and ensure a safer and more enjoyable journey towards becoming an adept aviator.

With a maximum of 6 pilots per clinic, I can provide tailored and detailed coaching to meet your specific needs. This approach guarantees an accelerated, secure, and enjoyable progression, with much of the coaching delivered on a one-on-one basis.

I am dedicated to equipping you with the skill set and confidence necessary to evolve into a proficient independent pilot, ready to navigate challenges like thermalling, cross country flights, confined landings, and weather interpretation. The clinic includes essential pre and post-flight briefings, complementing in-flight coaching, and incorporating evening video analysis for a comprehensive learning experience. Elevate your piloting skills with our Post CP Progression Clinics, setting the stage for a fulfilling and safe journey into the skies.

Discover the most dependable winter paragliding location in the northern hemisphere. Morocco’s captivating allure not only provides a unique and thrilling environment but also ensures highly reliable coastal and 800ft ridge soaring, along with frequently gentle thermic conditions. Our base at the remarkable Nid d’Aigle Hotel situates you just 25 steps from the main takeoff, offering unparalleled convenience.

Every essential facility is available on-site, including a lounge/classroom, restaurant, spa, swimming pool, takeoff and top landing areas, as well as ground handling areas.

Personally captivated by Southern Morocco’s flying environment, I am embarking on my 16th season in this exceptional playground. Here, you’ll experience not only seamless coastal soaring, ideal for honing wing control, but also gentle thermic conditions to prepare you for upcoming challenges like top landing, high-wind launches, soaring, turning, confined landings, and weather reading.

Embark on this paragliding adventure with us, where the skies of Southern Morocco become your classroom, and the elements your guide.


Course Structure

  • Top Landings
  • Strong Wind Take-Offs
  • Light Wind Take-Offs
  • General Ground Handling
  • Thermal Technique
  • Soaring Technique
  • Getting Down Quickly & Safely​
  • Reading the Conditions


Our exclusive 2-Instructor course, is capped at a maximum of 6 Pilots. This limited class size guarantees the highest quality and safest instruction, maximising productivity throughout the week. Experience accelerated progress in a secure and enjoyable learning environment.

We are committed to equipping you with the essential skill set and confidence required to emerge as a proficient and independent pilot. Whether mastering thermalling, cross country flights, confined landings, or interpreting weather patterns, you’ll be prepared for the diverse challenges that lie ahead.


Teaching Philosophy

Individuals have diverse learning preferences, paces, and comfort levels with pushing their boundaries. In the realm of paragliding, where much is a mental challenge, I don’t impose a rigid system on you; instead, I tailor a system that suits your unique needs. Although we laugh, play and fly as a group, as much as I can, I try to keep the coaching one to one.

My objective is to empower you to become a self-sufficient learner. The foundation lies in cultivating a mental space where you feel at ease, secure, and open to experimentation. I carefully select sites and conditions that progressively challenge you without inducing fear, ensuring a consistent learning environment to solidify the skills imparted.

The potency of small group dynamics plays a crucial role. While many techniques are delivered one-on-one, the small group setting provides an opportunity for shared learning. Witnessing peers of similar proficiency confront and conquer common obstacles is not only powerful and inspirational but also adds an element of enjoyable camaraderie to the learning experience.


What’s Included?

  • Pre-Trip Consultation (Your Aims & Objectives)
  • Moroccan Airport Transfers
  • 7 Nights Half-Board in your Own Room
  • Breakfast & 3 Course Evening Meals
  • 6 Days Professional Coaching
  • Transport to Alternative Launch Sites
  • Radio Communications

You will need to bring your own Certified Glider with Speed Bar, Harness, Helmet, Reserve Parachute and a Vario.

We can help to equip you with any flying gear if you need. Sky Paragliding clients get a 10% discount.



Embark on your paragliding adventure at our idyllic location, just a picturesque 1.5-hour drive south of Agadir airport. Set against the backdrop of the renowned Nid d’Aigle Hotel, our technique centre is strategically positioned at the main take-off site, ensuring unparalleled convenience — your room is about 25 steps away from the exhilarating launch!

Explore our diverse paragliding sites, conveniently located approximately 20 to 40 minutes from our central base.

We prioritise your learning environment, offering comfortable and high-quality accommodation on a half-board basis. Immerse yourself in the local experience at our friendly pilots lodge, serving delectable dishes and featuring a well-stocked bar. Unwind on the rooftop lounge, where the vast Saharan night sky unfolds its beauty.

After a day of soaring through the skies, indulge in relaxation at the swimming pool and spa, rejuvenating you after a long afternoon of flying. Each room boasts an en-suite bathroom and is uniquely decorated for an authentic experience. Enjoy the luxury of your own private space, as sharing is optional upon request.

For a visual preview of the lodge, explore our Gallery featuring captivating photos and videos. Your paragliding journey begins here, where comfort, adventure, and unmatched scenery converge.

Non Flying Partners Welcome
If you would like to bring your non flying partner, they are very welcome.

We have beautiful double rooms available. The lodge has numerous chilling areas which are both scenic and peaceful, or there is the pool area too. The hammam spa is available offering massages & a steam room.

The cost for half board accommodation and airport transfers is £550.

Extra charges apply for the Spa. We will try and accommodate you in our vehicles when we can.

If you would like to rent a car for more flexibility with your stay, this is recommended and we can arrange this for you if you choose.

Getting There

Several economical airlines fly into Agadir. We will transport you from Agadir to the lodge.



Additional Extras

Lunch and Drinks

These are not included with the exception of coffee and tea at breakfast). We suggest a budget of around £5-£10 for lunch.

BHPA Membership

It is compulsory to join the BHPA to partake in any BHPA course. 3 months Training membership is around £100 which is enough for your EP course but to ratify your CP qualification you will need a minimum annual member costing around £174.

Please join and pay this online with the BHPA before your course starts. An explanation of all current BHPA fees can be found here.

You can join the BHPA here.

Travel & Medical Insurance

Please ensure that your insurance covers paragliding risks. Morocco is sometimes included as Europe as far as cover is concerned. It’s getting harder and harder to find a reasonably priced paragliding policy and they are changing all the time. Here are two options Puffin Insurance (activity 3) & Sportscover Direct.

Please check out the FAQ’s for more detailed information.



Pay a deposit of £500.00 per item

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