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Established in 1989, Sky Paragliding is a distinguished UK company with a wealth of experience in teaching, guiding, and hosting paragliding students and pilots.

As a seasoned pilot, instructor, and guide, I leverage my expertise to ensure you extract the utmost from your flying and learning endeavours. Offering more than just typical paragliding courses or trips, we provide truly exceptional experiences set in comfortable surroundings. Our paragliding courses and holidays promise valuable skills, cherished memories, and the opportunity to forge new flying friendships. My coaching philosophy prioritises effectiveness tailored to you, and I am eager to share my knowledge and passion for flight and travel with all those I guide.

I anticipate the pleasure of flying with you soon. For more about me, continue scrolling or explore my pages to discover the best trip for you and how I can enhance your flying experience.

Your Instructor and Guide

Tim King

Tim first starting instructing people as a windsurfing instructor back in the mid 80’s.

Having discovered a natural affinity to teaching sports, he soon started to teach paragliding after having learnt to fly hang gliders, micro lights and paragliders in the UK. The sport was young, everyone was naive. Tim developed his own particular way of teaching paragliding and has continued to develop his techniques over the past 3 decades to bring cutting edge coaching to his students.

The 90’s saw Tim develop as a leading BHPA paragliding instructor which took him to the French Alps where he was one of the first few British instructors to teach SIV and guide in the mountains.

Returning to the UK he co-founded Airworks paragliding school, shop and service centre (now The Loft) in Sussex.

2002 and Tim moved on from Airworks to concentrate on overseas paragliding courses and equipment sales.

Tim is the author of Skywings magazine technique feature series ‘How to be a better Pilot’ which ran for 3 years to national acclaim.

Working closely with Sky Paragliders equipment manufacturer since 2000, he became part of their development team in the Czech Republic in 2014.

Tim’s coaching and guiding program is fully loaded to bring to you the very best coaching and guiding techniques with enthusiasm and inspiration to make you a better pilot and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

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