BHPA Pilot (P) Paramotor Development Course – UK




Bespoke Pilot Development Course in UK

Dates: June 2024 / July 2024 / August 2024 / September 2024

Suitability: Current CP Power

Location: South Downs in Sussex, UK




These courses are conducted in a non-residential format on the South Downs near Brighton, offering flexible scheduling throughout June, July, August, and September.

Accommodating both complete beginners and paragliding pilots seeking a paramotor conversion, we adhere to the BHPA training syllabus.



Course Structure

Module 3: Pilot (P) Power
Having already completed Module 2 (CP) and attained a minimum of 5hrs+ flight time and 25 flights as pilot in command on a Paramotor. This course is designed to assess your flying ability and knowledge as per the BHPA syllabus. It will also prepare you for cross country flying away from your take off location.

On completion of this development course you will have achieved your BHPA Pilot (P) Power rating which will allow you to fly unsupervised and fully insured for longer cross country flights.

This Development Course is available 1 on 1 at a daily rate and is completely bespoke depending on your ability.

Fitness Note: Basic fitness is expected, and the ability to run a short distance is required. Paramotors may weigh over 25 kg, making it unsuitable for individuals with back problems.

Trike courses coming soon!



Teaching Philosophy

Individuals have diverse learning preferences, paces, and comfort levels with pushing their boundaries. I tailor a system that suits your unique needs. Although we laugh, play and fly as a group, as much as I can, I try to keep the coaching one to one.

My objective is to empower you to become a self-sufficient learner. The foundation lies in cultivating a mental space where you feel at ease, secure, and open to experimentation. I carefully select conditions that progressively challenge you without inducing fear, ensuring a consistent learning environment to solidify the skills imparted.



What’s Included?

  • Highly Experienced Teaching Team of BHPA Instructors
  • Self-Study Theory Pack Issued Before the Course
  • Flying Over the Breathtaking South Downs
  • Free Train Station Transfers (if Required)




Participants can choose dates based on their schedule, and the course begins in June. Flexibility allows rebooking on days with unfavourable weather conditions.



Limited Availability

Strictly limited spaces are available, so contact us for availability during the UK summer season.




We utilise the most modern equipment, mostly new or only a few months old.



Getting There

Courses are conducted just outside Brighton and Bexhill on the South Downs, offering flexibility in purchasing individual hours or a complete course.Simply drive and meet at arranged meeting point or get a Train to Preston Park just outside Brighton and we will pick you up.



Additional Extras

BHPA Membership

It is compulsory to join the BHPA to partake in any BHPA course. 3 months Training membership is around £100 which is enough for your EP course but to ratify your CP qualification you will need a minimum annual member costing around £174.

Please join and pay this online with the BHPA before your course starts. An explanation of all current BHPA fees can be found here.

You can join the BHPA here.

​Please check out the FAQ’s for more detailed information.



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