Flying Authorisation

Rules in Morocco

This section describes the requirements that any visiting pilot would need to meet when entering the Kingdom of Morocco to legally fly here.

If you are attending an EP Course we will ask you to complete only Annex 2 and send all documents to Sky Paragliding. We will handle the process for you. Any other courses require the process to be followed in full.

When Booking

In order to fly in Morocco, you need to have an authorisation delivered by the Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority CAA (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civil DGAC) as described in the technical order No 1535 DAC/DEA/SSA of the 14th June 2010 from the Ministry of transport and equipment.

This authorisation will be asked when flown different sites of Morocco, especially in the Atlas.


If you don’t provide all the documents, your request will be rejected without any warning.

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