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The Adventure begins...

It’s not too long now until you will be joining us for your Moroccan Paragliding experience!

Arrival and Departure Day is on a Saturday unless prior arrangement has been made.

There are reasonable flights from London Gatwick, Stanstead and Manchester to Agadir Airport with EasyJet or Ryan Air.

You must ensure that your passport has at least 6 months’ validity remaining. There are no other Visa entry requirements if entering from the UK on a UK Passport.

Your arrival into Agadir Airport will be at approx. 18:55hrs depending on your flight choice. Your transfer from Agadir airport will be arranged to coincide with flights arriving at around this time as other pilots maybe arriving on different flights to you.

You are staying at: Nid’aigle Hotel in Tamelalt, Tiznit in case you are asked at Customs.

Advice: Do not buy a SIM card in the arrivals area it will not work at our location! If you need to access the internet there is Free WiFi inside the airport so you can WhatsApp and let me know that you have arrived.

Please collect your luggage and pass through the additional security area towards the exit.

This is a good place to exchange Travel Money, the kiosks here, just before the exit, have a better rate than those inside the arrivals area.

We will meet you at Agadir Airport. Once outside of the main doors you will be met by a representative of Sky Paragliding. Our driver will be holding a ‘Sky Paragliding’ sign, or a sign with your name on it.

It’s about 1.5hrs drive South down to the Nid’aigle Hotel where you will be staying for the week.

We will transfer you back to the Airport for your departure. Departure times are typically at around 19:45hrs from Agadir Airport back to the UK.

Day temperatures are typically between 20 and 28 degrees. Night times can be a little cooler here in Morocco. There is often snow on the Atlas and the cool air fills the lower regions at night. Night temperatures are typically 8 to 15 degrees, give or take.

There are ATM’s at the Airport and in local towns. Currency is Dirham’s. It is available at the UK Airport Exchange Desks but the exchange rate is far better in Morocco at Agadir Airport as mentioned above or at the ATM’s (there are two at the Airport as you exit baggage reclaim).

Remember: Accommodation, Transport, Breakfast and Dinner are included.

You will need the odd bit of cash for Water, Lunch, Bar Drinks and any extra Snacks.

We sometimes also do some excursions – perhaps Motorcycles or Quad Bike Safari (bring your Driving Licence if you want to participate), or the atmospheric souk of Tiznit. Nice article: Click here.

Although a Muslim country, Alcohol is available from the Bar at the Hotel and there’s nothing quite like a Cold Beer after a long days’ flying, or a glass of Moroccan wine; yes they make wine and is fairly good!

If you like a Spirit of an evening, it’s expensive, so grab a duty free bottle, you can bring it into the bar area and just buy mixers.

It’s quite expensive to use your UK mobile in Morocco unless your provider has a special package so check for this. The WiFi in the Hotel is free in the public areas but does get a bit hit and miss if busy.

If you require your own data, we can supply you with a local SIM. It’s about 1 Euro per GB. Please do let us know in advance. Moroc Telecom works best in our location. You will be approached at the airport to buy Orange but these are not so good in our area.

Advice: Switch off Data Roaming. Set up a spending cap with your UK network provider before you leave.

If you are on a Beginner Course, equipment is provided. Please supply us with your accurate body weight in Kgs and Height so that we can allocate you the correct size wing and harness. Please do this as soon as possible so that your equipment can be reserved for you.

If you have your own equipment, it must be suitably certified and airworthy Glider, Harness & Reserve. A Vario is highly recommended to help with learning to fly thermals. We use PMR Radios as VHF 2m is not allowed in Morocco and can be temporarily confiscated at arrivals if found. I will have one available for you to use for your course if you don’t have one.

Regular UK Summer Paragliding Gear will be fine. If you are on a Beginner Course, bring typical outdoor active clothing which you would wear on a typical breezy British summers day including Sun Cream, Sunglasses and Light Gloves. It’s hot in the sun but can be quite a bit cooler in the shade up the hill.

There is a swimming pool. Towels are provided.

Please confirm your Flight Details with me on the Personal Details Form.

If you have any relevant medical issues which I need to know about if am instructing and guiding you, please let me know. Confidence is assured.

You will need to bring with you your Paragliding Specific Medical Insurance Documents. Please add your Insurers Details and your Policy Number on the Personal Details Form. If you do not have Insurance, try:
  • Puffin Insurance: Click here (level 3) is the cheapest we have found.
  • Sports Cover Direct: Click here.
There are several other companies offering this cover. Morocco is usually included in the European area by insurance countries but please check with your provider. You will need to take out mandatory BHPA Membership which includes 3rd Party Insurance. Trial Membership (3 months is suitable for EP courses) is £95 plus a £30 joining fee. Annual Membership is £164 plus £30 joining fee. School is Sky Paragliding No. 356 when asked. Please make payment in advance online direct with the BHPA before you arrive: Click here. Note: Club Pilot Rating can only be issued upon upgrading to annual membership. Bring your BHPA Membership Card if you are already a member or proof of enrollment. The BHPA now have an app to display this info. If you are on a Post CP Course, please take a few moments to send me some notes on any skills that you would like to cover. This could be anything from ground handling, confidence boosting to thermalling etc.

I am very happy to correspond with you about any flying points which you would like to discuss, if you do have any further questions or require any flying gear for the trip, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

My contact number in the UK is +44 7767 264211. In Morocco your contact is the same but please only use WhatsApp, click here.

Please use WhatsApp if you need to call or message at the airport.

If you are looking at a delayed departure from the UK, please send me a message with an update so we can plan to wait for you. We really look forward to getting your feet in the air soon!

See you in mystical Morocco!

Tim King

Chief Flying Instructor
Team Sky Paragliding

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